Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shopping Antiques by the Bay

I was so happy to go to the Sunday event, Antiques by the Bay last Sunday.  I want to share some photos with you of my trip.

I needed a day away from the shop after working a very large wedding during that week.  The flowers turned out beautifully for the wedding, if I say so myself, but I just needed a little bit of time to recharge myself and get out and move around outside hunting for great finds.  Very lucky for me, my friend, Tracie at My Petite Maison was planning to go and I was able to go along with her and her husband who kindly watched our flea market carts the whole time we were there and put ALL our goods in the car.  We didn't have to watch our loot, just walk or run on and find more treasures!

The whole blog issue is new to me, so please be patient with me.  I think for now, I'm just going to post a few photos so you can see some great booths.  I enjoy looking at photos myself, rather than read tons of text and hope you feel the same!  So, here we go:  Alameda, Antiques by the Bay, an event not to be missed!

I loved this old blue door and the iron piece.   This dealer had so much coral around their booth, huge pieces of it everywhere, it was really beautiful.

A pretty dresser and more coral and lots of shells.

I couldn't decide about this chandelier, whether to bring it back or not. 
It was huge and this photo really doesn't do it justice.
It had a wonderful patina to it and the price wasn't bad at all.  Can you tell,
I'm still thinking about it?

Another chandelier, another dealer.  I loved this one too... so many choices!

I found many things at this booth.  One of my many favorites, there were two great dealers together,
I love it when that happens and the booths just flow together.

A great piece, came home with me!

This statue was a hit and the color of the shutters.  Beautiful set-up for sure and one I will look for again.  I think this booth was one of mine and Tracie's favorites too.

This little chair and the laundry hamper (on wheels) at the bottom caught my eye.  I brought many
things home from this friendly lady, Irma of Simply I. Molina.  She's a Healdsburg resident too, so good to see familiar faces at this event!

Vintage oil painting of Paris, one of the first items we came upon.  It called from across the parking area.

Loved this old frame, caught our eye too from across another row and had to run over and see their goods.
Don't you love this idea, beautiful frame with chicken wire?  Going to try in the store.  Loved their booth, it was beautiful!

All kinds of ribbons and trims to suit any taste!

Photo Courtesy:  My Petite Maison
Tracie took these photos of me looking for goods. Beautiful items at this booth too.  So many choices!  It was such a beautiful day, not too hot.  Sweaters in the morning and then warmed up.  Perfect in every way.  Look at these huge French flags and beautiful Jesus statue.

Photo Courtesy:  My Petite Maison

And here, right before we left... car all packed and ready to go.  So many great finds... Can't wait for the next show!

Photo Courtesy:  My Petite Maison

And for very last:  One of my favorite finds, this vintage, worn mirror.  It has a perfect patina and the edges are worn just perfectly.  Couldn't wait to get it home!

Thanks for taking the trip with me.  Hope to share more adventures with you soon!